Thursday, 19 September 2013

The Future Trends For Developing iPhone Applications

With the massive use of mobile devices, there is a drastic need for mobile applications, particularly for the iPhone device. In iPhone application development, there is a plethora of applications being created keeping in the mind the consumer and business expectations. Futuristic trends in iPhone development are here.
Because iPhone application development is extremely popular nowadays, there is a host of companies that have come up to help in the development process. There are a lot of interesting and interactive iPhone game apps for children and for adults as well, such as Angry Birds for instance. The layouts and animation are mind-blowing. The development process and trends have changed and the application development process has accommodated cross-platform development to make simultaneous applications for different platforms. Changes in platforms and smart phones have spawned a great number of developers. Focus is given to all sectors in the society and forms of business and entertainment.
iPhone application development has been varied. There are a lot of mobile app development firms who are capitalizing the growth of mobility. Nevertheless, the nature of applications in the future determines the success of these developers. The present iPhone app trends show that photo application niche has turned out to be extremely popular. Today, developers are building more and more photo applications to tap market possibilities. The attractive aspects of the photo apps include effects that are found in a leading photo editing software like Adobe Photoshop. iPhone 4S possess an 8 megapixel camera that has received extremely positive reviews. The upcoming iPhone models would then have better cameras.
Below are some of the futuristic trends in iPhone applications gaining extreme popularity today:
1. TempoRun – harnesses the power of music and matches the tempo of tunes to the intensity of the run one wants with ten levels. One could use his or her own music collection or a radio feature and could track basic information like speed and the distance covered.
2. iTranslate Voice – this allows real-time speech-to-speech translations. It supports 36 languages. The application will say the translation aloud in the chosen language, thus it could be used to have a conversation. Moreover, it also allows input of text to translate, search for definitions and common phrases and share translations through a text message or email.
3. Mailbox – is a simple system that taps and swipes allowing to zoom through the inbox fast. It archives, deletes and postpones the missive within. It could select when an email comes back and allows users to push it out of the inbox. It is like a snooze button for emails.
4. Food Network in the Kitchen – allows users to receive recipes from chefs. There are thousands of categorized recipes with clear photos and instructions. Moreover, there are also handy tools for the kitchen such as a meal planner, unit converter and different cooking timers. How-to-videos also help hone one’s cooking skills?
5. Stow – a well-thought out packing list application that is designed to ascertain all items are packed. There are templates for various trips with a suggestion of items to pack. The application allows one to set how many people would be going and how long the trip would take and also allows for packing items for certain weather.
6. Waze – supplies access to real-time traffic info as well as gas prices. The navigation system offers voice-guided instructions and could automatically update to re-route to avoid getting stuck in traffic.

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